Intimacy Coach

David Silverman , Intimacy Coach. Express Your Sensual Being

   For those seeking a deeper connection to themselves, others and their erotic potential. 

   Learn to identify and fully realize your sensual needs and desires. Feel passionate, engage in fullfilling partnerships, learn your erotic worth and experience emotional ullfillment. Communicate your wants effectively and freely.

   I have 8 years experience as an intimacy coach and will use a compassionate and somatic process to help you identify and explore areas that will will aid in your journey to intimate connection. 

   My methods are intuitively structured on a case by case basis, individualized for each client. I may uitilize everything from breathwork, to role play to body work and energy work or massage techniques, or theraplay. I also may utilize Gua Sha, or coining massage, buccal massage or exploring unmet fetishes or desires. We may discuss nutrition, or we may cuddle; you might be assigned "homework" for after the session. If you are comfortable with it, I may take notes to better keep track of your progress. 

   Many bisexual, gay and straight men in the world seem unable to find an honest, safe and non-judgemental space in their life to explore honest sensuality and emotional connection to another man. Together we can explore this facet of your life and provide a caring avenue of expression.

   The most important part of the progress is an authentic experience you can bring into your own life to further your wants, needs and desires. I create a safe, compassionate and non-judgemental atmospere to facillitate this.


Future Client Contact Sheet

24 hour notice, minimum, for new clients. Please include the following:


*Length of time desired and scheduling preferences

*Detailed description of the type of session desired so I can better accomodate your needs

*A description of yourself (a photo preferred with)

*Allergies or scent sensitivities

*zodiac sign and expectations preferred

*an acceptable form of screening : a phone number with a matching name (no google voice), a name I can Google that matches at least 2 internet public profiles, or discreet employment verification.

Response time is fairly quick. 

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Client Services

Outcall only, my office will re-open in about 2 weeks for incall.

As peoples needs are varied, so are my services. I provide intimacy coaching, cuddling sessions, bodywork, manscaping, and what I term "exploratory" sessions.

Intimacy coaching is for those seeking growth and fullment in their life, who are seeking to re engage with the erotic and sensual in themselves and are seeking to create and engage in an authentic atmospere for sensual growth to better themselves and their partnerships. The sessions vary depending on the needs of the client.

Cuddling sessions are just that: cuddling sessions, for those who may not be getting enough platonic affection: It may be cuddling, it could be a "boyfriend" back rub, or even holding each other while watching Netflix.

Bodywork is the more holistic side of my services, a sensual relaxing session in which I utilize Thai and Swedish massage techniques with energy work to reduce tension and stress in your life. This may include Gua Sha, or scraping/coining massage, dependant on your needs.

Manscaping: using my appreciative eye of the male form to clean up the edges and streamline the lingam.

Exploratory Sessions: do you have needs you can't communicate effectively with your partner? Urges you don't fully understand? Maybe their is a power dynamic you are completely comfortable with, but have no avenue to express it. Wether feminization or CBT or in-between, this is the session for that.

Bodywork: 180 p/h

Bodywork w/ foot, face/scalp, & buccal massage: 220 p/h

Bodywork w/manscaping : 220 p/h

Dinner date or event accompaniment : 180 p/90 min

Cuddling: 100 p/h

Exploratory Session : 275 p/h

Intimacy Coaching: 325 p/90 minute session

As the sessions may involve very private expressions of a person nature, for more unconventional services I may ask the client to sign a non-disclosure agreement, for both our peace of mind.

Payment expected prior to session in envelope in gift bag if meeting in public, or in envelope placed in bathroom atop sink or shelf in sight if meeting in private. Credit cards conditionally accepted through feature. No discussion of payment for specific services will be tolerated, please see faq sheet and contact sheet to ensure needs are met.